Why roof restoration is the most effective way to improve the price of your property in the current property climate

Having a good quality roof is vital for your house to have, as one of the largest, and most important areas of your home. Living in Adelaide, houses are exposed to many elements throughout the year, including wind, rain, hail and sun. These elements can lead to damages and thus a drop in value of your house. If you are considering getting on the market to sell your house, or simply wanting to increase your house’s value, a roof restoration is the most effective way to get the result you desire. The price of your property will greatly improve once a roof restoration is complete. If you’re looking for answers as to why you should restore your roof and how this will add value to your home, keep reading because we will be going through some reasons for you to consider, in this post!

Buyers want to ensure their family will be safe from the elements

Potential buyers prioritise the structural integrity of the house they are looking at, to ensure that there won’t be any hidden expenses that devalue the home. The roof is a large part of this, especially as it is exposed to many outside elements and is therefore susceptible to damage. Having a damaged roof could lead to unwanted leakages, which in turn may cause mould or bacteria in your home. These can create health issues, so the second you notice a leak, the best thing that can be done is to fix it straight away! Ways to know if your roof needs to be restored is if there is sagging, cracked tiles or corrosion. These things not only potentially lead to health issues, but also the overall look of your house is lessened, and buyers are less willing to pay a high amount.

A newly restored/well-maintained roof enables efficient energy usage 

A good quality roof can help you maximise your house’s cooling and heating systems. By ensuring there is no damage on your roof, and it is well maintained, your home will be better able to maintain your desired temperature. This is incredibly important for buyers when considering a home, as it means that their heating and cooling system is able to work efficiently without spending more money than necessary to get the house at the preferred temperature.

Buyers want quality

One of the first things a potential buyer will notice is the state of your roof; what is its ‘curb-side appeal’? Is there obvious damages, or is it in good condition? With a newly restored roof, buyers are more likely to be willing to pay a higher amount, as they like to know they are spending money on quality materials. The value of your home will increase for this very reason; if you have had a recent roof restoration, buyers know that this greatly decreases the chance of hidden damages and expenses.

Leaving it until the last minute will cost you

If you have heard that a roof restoration can improve the price of your property, but are hesitant to spend the money, it is best to put it in perspective; the longer you wait to restore your roof, the higher chance small issues have of becoming big issues. Once big issues with your roof exist, the more you will have to pay to fix it which will in turn reduce your profit when it comes to selling your house. Restoring your roof is smarter to do sooner rather than later, and after selling your house, it will have basically paid for itself with the return you will get.

What is roof restoration and why is it important?

The complete process of roof restoration includes:

o   Inspection of roof to determine faults

o   Repairs to any faults or damages

o   Cleaning the roof and the gutters

o   Re-bedding and re-pointing to ensure your roof is watertight

o   Clean again and prepare for paint by removing grime or mould

o   Sealing the roof with a primer

o   Acrylic membrane in the colour of your choice, providing a lasting protectant and improving the overall appearance

o   Final inspection to ensure nothing has been missed and everything is tidy.

By getting a roof restoration on your house, you are ensuring that any damages are repaired, and future damages are prevented. This is incredibly sought after in the housing market, as it means that buyers will not need to worry about any costly damages that may surprise them after purchasing the house. Buying a house with a newly restored roof gives buyers the ease of mind, hence why they will be willing to pay more for the house.

After restoring your roof, it is important to get it regularly maintained to prevent smaller issues from escalating into larger ones. It is also important to look after it by regularly cleaning the gutters and ridding them of leaves and dirt, and flushing it through with water. A clogged gutter can end up eroding the paint, damaging the tiles or causing leakage. Cleaning it regularly will prevent this from happening, and keep your roof looking strong and new; perfect for the housing market!

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