The 8 steps for complete roof restoration

No roof means no security from the elements. Every homeowner wants to know that the roof over their heads is secure and safe to protect them and their families. We want to ensure that any homeowner that does notice that their roof is damaged or maybe compromised can be provided help and answers to amend any problems. Rite Price Roofing Adelaide is here to give an 8 step guide that will provide answers to homeowners when it comes to roof restoration and how to tackle problems. We outline steps to deal with issues like tile roof restoration, tile roof repairs or ways to prevent further damage or leaks. We want to give a detailed analysis and step by step guide to ensure homeowners are aware of issues related to their roofs and give them clarity if any of these issues are related to our 8 step guide.

Step 1) Inspection 

Before any work can begin for roof repair or roof restoration the roof needs to be inspected and checked by a professional inspector, there are many faults that may not be apparent to the untrained eye, as there may be something more than a cracked tile that is affecting your roof structure, from here the roof restoration process can begin. 

Step 2) Roof Repairs

For a tiled roof any cracked or broken tiles need to be replaced, same goes for any metal roof, any re-screwing or sheet replacement needs to be done before any cleaning begins. Ensure this process is done by a professional to avoid damaging the roof further and potentially creating more problems. Depending on your budget and state of your roof we can either do a full roof restoration or a roof repair

Step 3) Roof Cleaning

Once the roof repairs have been completed we can now do a thorough clean the roof and gutters. This is an essential part of the process as it removes any and all dirt and debris from the roof preparing it for the next part of the restoration process. 

Step 4) Re-bedding and re-pointing

Re-pointing and re-bedding may need to be completed on your roof to ensure they are watertight. If your ridge caps are not loose then you will not need any re-bedding done. In which case you will only need the re-pointing done.

Step 5) Clean and prepare for paint

Once all the re-bedding and the re-pointing is dry one more clean needs to be undertaken to remove any grime or mould. Doing this allows the roof to be prepared for the primer coat and painting if needed. 

Step 6) Seal

Now we can apply the seal which is the primer. A primer coat will ensure that the tiles adhere to the roof by applying a coat of gripped material. This step is only completed for tile roofs.

Step 7) Acrylic membrane 

The last step of coating is the acrylic membrane. This is normally applied with two coats and is in the colour of your choice. These heavy coats will provide your tiled roof with the protectant that it needs to last and improve its appearance. 

Step 8) Final inspection 

Now we are ready for that final inspection where we can go over the whole roof and ensure nothing has been missed and all workmanship is clean and tidy. All rubbish will be removed from the yard leaving your roof looking clean and brand new. 

Rite Price Roofing are the roofing experts for Roof Restoration Adelaide and roof repairs. Get in touch today to have your roof inspected before the winter weather sets in. 

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