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Verandahs in Adelaide

If you are looking to increase the value of your property in Adelaide, you should seriously consider adding a Verandah Adelaide to your home. A gorgeous verandah that seamlessly flows with the rest of your house can add value in multiple ways. This includes enhancing the functionality of your property and boosting its actual market value. One of the significant benefits of adding a Verandah Adelaide is the improvement in the functionality of your property. It becomes a versatile space that allows you to maximize your comfort level while enjoying the outdoors, even on the warmest days. The covered and shady area provided by the verandah can feel up to ten degrees cooler than an area fully exposed to sunlight. This not only enhances the usability of your property but also adds an inviting element to your home.

Moreover, when you consider the impact on your property’s value, a Verandah Adelaide can be a worthwhile investment. With the added functionality it offers, potential buyers will be more attracted to your property and might be willing to pay higher amounts. An aesthetically pleasing verandah that complements your house architecture can significantly enhance the overall appeal of your property. In summary, by adding a Verandah Adelaide to your home, you not only improve its functionality and create a comfortable outdoor space but also enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers, potentially leading to a higher property value.

The Undisputed Australian Home Feature

Residents in Adelaide generally happen to love installing stylish verandahs in their homes. It has actually been a very popular design feature for Adelaide homes for over 150 years. Even during the Victorian era, verandahs still existed as a common household feature, usually made of wrought iron or wood.

As you can see, verandahs have a rich history as a space for entertaining, relaxing and dining among other uses. Installing a new one will give your home a sense of sophistication and charm, all the while providing you with a practical space for multiple uses, such as hosting guests.

Verandah with a clear roof

Considering a Verandah for Your Home in Adelaide? What Do You Prefer?

Compared to the old days where Verandahs in Adelaide were made out of timber, galvanized iron, and brick supports, they have now become much more versatile. In the past, Verandah Adelaide was primarily used to protect homes from extreme weather, and while they still serve this purpose, they have also transformed into a preferred space for entertaining—a seamless extension of our existing home and a wonderful area to invite family and friends around!

Other than the materials used and their primary function, Verandahs in Adelaide have become more versatile in terms of their size and style. Nowadays, Veranda Adelaide has evolved to include various designs, such as domed or pitched roofs, square or rectangular shapes, and a wide range of structural supports. This adaptability means that anyone is able to modify and customize their Verandah Adelaide design to fit their unique available space.

With the modernization of Verandahs in Adelaide, they now offer a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and entertainment value. Homeowners can enjoy the practical benefits of weather protection while also creating a stylish and inviting outdoor space. The flexibility in design options allows individuals to personalize their Veranda Adelaide to suit their preferences and complement the overall architecture of their home.

In conclusion, the evolution of Verandahs in Adelaide has transformed them into highly versatile and desirable features for any property. Whether it’s for weather protection, entertainment purposes, or simply enhancing the overall appeal of a home, a well-designed Veranda Adelaide adds significant value and enjoyment to any living space.

A Stylish Expression of Your Taste

Although the traditional verandah features bricks with galvanized iron supports, today’s verandahs include a variety of designs, and are able to be made out of a wide range of materials.

This modern day verandah is a vast improvement upon what was available in the past. Some designs that now exist that did not in the past include; verandahs with pitched roofs, verandahs with decorative pillars, among many others.

With modern designs, materials and knowledge, there really is no limit to how you can customize your verandah. If you’d like, you can choose a verandah with lattice screens to keep the sun out, or even a verandah with whimsical arches that inspire a Victorian feel. Furthermore, there are also many options in terms of colour; you can choose from a vast array of colour options. Some of the more popular colour options we offer include Spanish Red, Minimalist White, or Cottage Green. It is your verandah after all, and you deserve to be proud of its design.

World-Class Adelaide Designs

Residents in Adelaide enjoy being outdoors throughout all seasons of the year. As temperatures here do happen to get pretty extreme throughout the year, it becomes quite difficult at times to be able to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. With the warm climate that the area is known for, many Adelaide residents begin looking for solutions that will improve their comfort level and enable them to enjoy time relaxing outdoors.

While there are several ideas that can be implemented to maximise your comfort level outdoors, a very popular- for good reason- choice is to install a verandah on your property. A verandah will essentially provide you with a large covered patio area across the front, rear or entire perimeter of your home’s exterior if that’s what you choose. Some ways homeowners like to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of their verandah include purchasing patio furniture, ceiling fans, or other elements that will improve their comfort.

If you are thinking about installing a verandah on your property, we highly recommend reaching out to our team at Rite Price Roofing for more information, or a free quote on our services.

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Why Choose Rite Price Roofing?


A verandah is a permanent attachment to your home’s exterior, and most of them also have an extension of your roof line, and use the same materials as your main roof’s structure. By designing it this way, the overall curb appeal of your home will be improved. Consequently, an improved curb appeal will mean improved value and condition of your home.

This is why it is important to choose a trusted company to work on your roof or home exterior. At Rite Price Roofing, we have many valued and loyal customers, including a long list of five-star reviews for our services. This is evidence that Rite Price Roofing provides you with quality design services, and will ensure your verandah has a flawless appearance with the exterior of your home. We will make sure that your property looks as close as possible to the original construction of your home, rather than a secondary addition.

We only use quality materials for this construction process, because we strive for only the best overall results, and will not settle for less.


Are you considering adding a verandah to your Adelaide home? Look no further than Rite Price Roofing. We are a proud South Australian based roofing company with an outstanding reputation for providing only the highest quality of service. Our team of very experienced tradesmen will complete any job to your satisfaction.

When it comes to building verandahs, we do not compromise on quality. This is why we choose to use products from the Revolution Roofing range, enabling us to offer you a premium selection of colours, finishes and styles that will complement your home.

The Revolution Roofing Victory range includes steel roofing sheets that will provide you with a smooth and clean appearance, with a finish similar to that of an interior ceiling. This end result is clean, elegant and uncluttered, ensuring that your entertaining space is not compromised. Furthermore, the Revolution Roofing structure gives the option of strong, fluted beams and columns that add a stylish and modern edge to your verandah.

We will link everything together by matching the gutters from your original roof to your verandah. We do this by discretely placing fixing points and hidden brackets. This will give it a smooth and elegant finish, adding both beauty and function to the living space.

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