The dangers of putting off roof restoration.

Roof Restoration and Roof Repairs can get pushed further and further down your list of things to do when life begins to play its part and other life expenses get in the way. However there are costly after effects to delaying and ignoring roof repairs and roof restoration. Delaying roof restoration can endanger your home, health, finances and family. 

Leaks and moisture 

Leaks or moisture in your roof can be caused by many different factors. The age of your roof and natural deterioration of roofing materials is important to consider. 

Factors such as wind, hail, ice and other debris can cause cracks or sags in the roof that can cause leaks or moisture retention in the roofing materials. As soon as you spot any leaks or moisture retention in your roof, call your professional roof restoration company to get them on site as soon as possible to assess and make any repairs that are needed. 

Health Issues

Ignoring leaks and moisture damage can lead to health issues. Small cracks can let water into your home causing mold, mildew and/or bacteria build up. As the moisture seeps into your home, mold and mildew can spread to your walls and attic. Mildew and mold can contaminate the air which is dangerous to your health and can cause sickness and respiratory issues. Roof restoration can prevent all of these issues. 

Costly repairs 

If roof restoration is last on your todo list or isn’t even on your todo list the chances are you will be paying even more the longer you leave it. Leaving any exterior damage long enough will lead to internal damage to your roof. Mildew and mold from moisture will cause toxins and you will need to have a professional come into your home to clean and kill all the bacteria. A sagging or caved in roof will most likely require a full roof restoration. Sagging is a massive danger waiting to happen, it will lead to moisture retention in one spot weakening the roof structure and if your roof is supported by wooden beams, they will eventually rot and bend allowing for a collapsed roof. 

Your insurance won’t help you

Most home insurance covers damage from natural causes, although it will get to a point if you neglect your roof repairs and roof restoration your insurance will not cover it. The longer you leave it the less they will cover. 

Roof Restoration and roof repairs are absolutely essential. Neglecting your roof repairs are extremely dangerous and larger problems can arise, such as a rotting or collapsing roof. Take the time to do the small repairs and get a professional in to do a full roof restoration to avoid any surprises later on down the track. Weather can make things worse, as we are now coming into autumn and winter the winds, rain and thunderstorms will get heavier and there will be a higher chance of a weak roof collapsing or retaining water in a small crack causing damage that may not be visible straight away. 

Ensure your roof is in top notch condition for the cooler months ahead. Call Rite Price Roofing today to organise a quote.