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How do I choose the right design for Carports?

Choosing a carport design in Adelaide may sound easy but there are now so many choices, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why a phone call to the Rite Price Roofing team is a fantastic first step.

As a proudly South Australian company and backed by 25 years of local knowledge, we can guide you through the decision-making process roof restoration in Adelaide. Our expert tradesmen will come and visit you to scope and measure your proposed carport area. And suggest the ideal carport design and size for your home.

We will discuss designs, colours and finishes and provide you with a quote that will be FREE of charge.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

First time using Rite Price Roof Restoration (utilized Rite Price for cooling requirements, evaporative & split system) and found them to be responsive (on time) and professional, fixed the problem in no time. Very good value, so I will be using and recommending hem in the future.

Gutter guard was installed very professionally and all rubbish removed. Would recommend this company.

We were very happy with the service provided by the workers who came to do our roof. They were very punctual and professional with the job. Tidy and friendly. They cleaned up and no mess was left behind. Great price too roof looks like new again. Highly recommend Rite Price Roofing 10/10.


We prefer Carports built using Revolution Roofing’s Victory products

The Victory range is the premier design choice for carports and its product flexibility means it can be adapted and combined to a format that will suit your home, your lifestyle and, importantly, your budget. Using the Victory range of products and styles from Revolution Roofing and colourbond Bluescope steel, Rite Price Roofing Adelaide guarantees a perfect finish in terms of colour and size to complement your home’s existing shade while also providing a clean and uncluttered street appearance. And thanks to this great partnership, we are pleased to offer you a 30 year home owner guarantee on all work undertaken using the exclusive Revolution Roofing range.
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How long it take to build Carports in Adelaide?

Depending on the design you select, the Rite Price roofing team will commence installation in a time frame to suit you. From time to time, plans may need to be submitted to your local council for approval or the appropriate permit but we can help with that too, ensuring that your proposal meets with the necessary criteria and that you are not frustrated with what can be a confusing process.

We are here to ensure that your carport construction proceeds without hassle or stress and with minimum disturbance to your day to day lifestyle.

Why Choose Rite Price Roofing ?

Welcome to Rite Price Roofing, where Adelaide’s top roofing experts are ready and willing to help you with any roofing and roof restoration project. Our services range from the basic roof cleaning to keep your roof sparkling all the way up to a full roof replacement for treating extensive issues. We also offer partial affordable roof restoration, where we repair or replace chipped or damaged tiles and examine flues and flashing for signs of a problem. If we find any leaks or damage, we can use a flexible sealant to quickly get your flashing back in working condition.

Carports Or Garage?

Building a new home or refitting an existing one? When would it be more suitable to install a carport as opposed to a built-in garage.

Most new homes come with built-in single or double garages and these are integrated with the overall design of the house. Naturally, if you are building new, you will prefer the look of a built-in garage.

Garages also offer a higher level of security since the roller doors encloses the parking space.

Carports come into play when, for some reason, you could not have a built-in garage. Or, some home owners just prefer to use the space internally instead of carving up space for a garage. In those cases, carports are an excellent option as they can be added as an extension of the house, or built completely separate.

Another benefit of carports is they can be built much larger if space allows. Effectively providing shade and cover for up to 3 or more vehicles. Town councils would usually only allow 2 parking spaces for built-in garages – which are called double garages.

So depending on your own home objectives, carports can sometimes be an excellent add-on or substitute for a built-in garage.

If you have any questions at all about carports, contact Rite Price Roofing today and our experts will provide you with the professional advice you need.

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What Permits Are Required For Carports?

The city of Adelaide requires that homeowners obtain permits before constructing any new buildings on their property and before demolishing old buildings as well.

Though some residents think that the builders are responsible for obtaining those permits, it’s actually the responsibility of the individual who owns that land. A carport can range from a small freestanding structure that is large enough for a single vehicle or a larger building with a covered roof for multiple vehicles.

Though not all types of construction requires a permit, it’s important to check before adding a new structure.

Permits for Carports

With a smaller freestanding carport, homeowners typically do not need a building permit. They can often purchase kits that include an aluminium roof or a roof made from another type of metal with metal poles. They secure those poles in holes placed in the ground and filled with concrete and place the roof on the poles.

Larger carports with stable walls and a matching roof require a shed or a simple building permit. Homeowners can visit the Adelaide Council to obtain a building permit or development application.

Obtaining a Permit

Obtaining a permit for a new carport is usually fairly easily. After visiting the Adelaide Council and obtaining a permit application, the homeowner can fill out the application and list details about that new structure. They generally need to include building drawings that come from a licensed builder that shows how the structure will look and its overall size.

A building approval expert working for the city will go through the application and look at the drawings. The approval expert may also visit the construction site in person and look over the property before making a decision. Only after receiving the permit can construction begin.

Consequences of Building without a Permit

There are two major consequences of building a carport without obtaining a permit first. The largest consequence is a potential fine, which is an ‘on the spot’ fine. This means that the Council can send someone to the house to immediately issue a fine to the property owner.

After receiving a fine, the Council will typically issue an order to stop any type of construction until the owner gets a permit. Some property owners may also see their insurance rates rise after their insurer becomes aware of the problem. The only way that work can begin again is if the homeowner applies for a permit and obtains that permit.

Building a smaller carport without a permit in Adelaide is possible. For larger carports and freestanding structures, homeowners need to apply for a shed or building permit from the Adelaide Council before beginning any work on the structure.

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