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Ridge capping repairs Adelaide

Here at Rite Price Roofing, we take pride in a job well done and strive to deliver top-notch results with every repair. Our family-owned business is proudly South Australian, and over the past 20 years we’ve been serving Adelaide and the surrounding area with effective professional repairs for an affordable price.

Roof-Repairs-AdelaideOur roofing experts offer an array of repair services that will have your roof looking like new. Whether your roof is in need of a quick clean & seal, a partial or full re-tiling or an overhaul from the base layer up, we can offer you quality workmanship that you’ll love.

We offer a variety of roof repairs including roof restoration, ridge capping, roof leak repairs, roof maintenance, roof pressure cleaning, roof painting, and roof tile repairs. A roof restoration is a thorough and detailed process that will have your roof looking like new, with primers, sealers, and a gentle pressure wash giving your roof new life. Roof restoration is a great way to make your worn old roof shine like new. Worried about gaps in the joints where your roofing panels meet?

You’ll want to consider a ridge capping. Ridge capping is a highly effective way to seal the ridges on your roof and protect them from pests and the elements while strengthening the joints that keep your roof together. Australia can get its share of poor weather, and when snow and rain build up on your roof, they can seep in through gaps and cause a troublesome leak.

Roof leak repairs are a critical structural maintenance procedure after a heavy rainstorm, especially if your roof is more than a few years old and susceptible to damage. Roof maintenance is a great way to keep your roof in prime shape from season to season while also inspecting for more serious issues. With regular roof maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your roof clean and secure and deal with smaller problems before they have a chance to grow. Roof pressure cleaning is a fantastic way to clear the leaves, lichen, dirt, and mould that may be adhering to your roof.

These pieces of debris may not seem like a serious issue, but if left to fester on your roof they could permanently stain the finish or in the case of mould and lichen cause rotting.With a roof pressure cleaning, you’ll keep your roof sparkling clean and be the envy of the neighborhood. Given its constant exposure to the weather, your roof is going to take a serious beating from things like hail, storm and even the sun. All of these environmental factors can contribute to problems like chipped or cracked paint. It may not seem like a serious problem, but if your roof paint is experiences problems like cracks or chips, then your roof is reducing your homes resale value and leaving your roof susceptible to damage. Roof painting won’t just make your roof look like new it will also seal your tiles or metal and protect them from chipping and rust.

Roof tile repair is a great way to have your tile roof looking great if hail or wear and tear have damaged it and its a particularly useful process if you just need to replace one or two tiles instead of the whole roof. This repair involves simply removing and replacing the broken or cracked tiles on your roof with new ones.

Ridge Capping: For a Beautiful, Well-Sealed Roof

The ridge caps on your roof are the long, angled pieces that bond and protect the joints where the slopes meet at the highest points of the roof.Sometimes, weather conditions can cause cracks in the mortar that is used to hold ridge caps in place which means when the rainy season arrives, you’ll undoubtedly see leaks.

Roof repairs by qualified tradespeople.Leaving a broken or cracked ridge cap as-is will undoubtedly result in damage to the interior surface of your roof, which is why it’s important to address this issue promptly. If your ridge caps are cracked, broken or deformed, your roofing contractor will recommend a ridge capping to replace the defective caps and seal your roofs joints.

During a ridge capping, your Adelaide roofing professional will remove any cracked, broken, or deformed ridge caps. Next, your roofing contractor will re-bed any out-of-place ridge caps in a straight line and re-point them with pointing mortar. Any missing ridge caps will be replaced. Once the ridge caps are secure, your roofing contractor will apply a coat of sealant or primer to the roof, plus a set of acrylic membrane coats to protect the caps. The final step is to inspect the new ridge caps for alignment and workmanship, and to ensure they’re securely embedded into the mortar.


Roof Tile Repairs: Addressing Broken Tiles the Right Way

Repairing a tiled roof

If you have a tile roof, you’re likely to see a few cracked or chipped tiles at some point. These broken tiles can be hazardous if a piece of tile falls off your home, it could hit someone standing below. That’s why replacing them the right way is critical. To do a tile roof repairs, you’ll need two pry bars and a replacement tile.
The two pry bars will be critical for opening up an access point to get to the broken tile. First, you’ll want to slide a pry bar underneath the tile immediately above and to the right of the tile you’re replacing.

Next, gently elevate the tile on top of your pry bar and the tile to its immediate left. Slide the second pry bar under the tile that is to the left of the tile you want to replace. At this point, you’ve created a means of accessing the broken tile. Now it’s time to gently remove the broken tile. Lift up the end of the tile and gently slide it out, then slide the new tile into place and remove the pry bars. There are lots of different issues that you may encounter when maintaining your roof, and any number of things can cause damage.

Now that you know some of these basic repair procedures, though, you’ll be in a great place to deal with issues as they arise. Should you encounter a problem that you can’t solve, though, an experienced roofing company can help. Here at Rite Price Roofing, we have 25+ years of experience in helping local Adelaide homeowners like you to repair or replace their roofs and gutters. Our expert staff can give you tried-and-true advice on your next roofing project, and we work with some of the best suppliers around to bring you top-notch materials.

We specialize in doing repairs and replacements in hard-to-reach parts of the roof around chimneys, on two-storey homes, and in strange environments and we can give you a solution that works.Refitting and replacing tiles in your roof

Looking for the best roof repair Adelaide expert, but not sure what it’ll cost? Fear not. Our experts are happy to provide a FREE in-home consultation and quote. No matter how large or small the job may be, we can help you to understand what’s involved. We’ll work with you to ensure you get something that will last which is why we guarantee all of our products and labour for up to 25 years from the date of installation.

And our 25-year history of excellent service and fantastic reputation mean you can trust us to get the job done right the first time around. If you’re ready to get the right repair for the right price, our team of tradespeople can help. We’ve seen almost everything, which means no job is impossible.

Call Rite Price Roofing at (08) 8261 3941 to talk to a professional about roof repairs Adelaide and get your free quote from South Australia’s best local roofing team.



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