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Things to consider when deciding on adding a verandah to your house

Do you enjoy being able to spread out in your home? Do you enjoy being outdoors? Entertaining friends and family? If so, you should consider the benefits of adding a verandah to your home! South Australia is filled with spectacular outdoor scenery, and so it only makes sense to want to soak it up every chance you get. Having a verandah in your yard will enable you to enjoy being outside regardless of the season or weather. If you are deciding whether you’d like to add a verandah to your home, keep reading as we will be providing you with some great reasons you should consider that should assist you in making your decision.

Outdoor entertaining

Verandahs can provide a great space to relax on your own or with others; depending on the size of your verandah, you can add some chairs and tables, or even a barbeque to help maximise the use of this space. During warmer seasons such as Summer or Spring, verandahs are fondly used throughout Australia to entertain guests and enjoy the weather. Though verandahs are used mostly in these warmer times of the year, they are also a great choice for entertaining year-round. Winters in Adelaide can get quite chilly, but if you love being outdoors and want to make the most of your yard throughout all times of the year, a verandah is the best way to do so, as it is a sheltered area for you and your guests to relax. Rain or heavy winds can quickly end an outdoor gathering, especially if there is limited space inside your home to accommodate everyone. With a verandah, this issue is resolved as your guests can still have a great time under shelter.

Provides cover from weather elements

 Verandahs provide protection to your home no matter the element; rain is shielded by the roof, and strong heat is kept out due to the shade provided. In Winter, you can enjoy relaxing on your verandah, shielded from the heavy winds or rain, and in Summer, your verandah becomes a cool spot to relax outdoors, without being directly under the blaring sun. The option of entertaining outdoors all year round is provided by a verandah, as it is a weatherproof option to enjoy dining.

Adds home value

By adding a verandah to your home, you are adding value. This is due to the extra feature of extending your floor space, and enabling your home to be able to provide outdoor entertainment throughout all times of the year. This extra living space is greatly sought after for people on the market, especially those who love entertaining or have a big family. By providing a verandah with your home, you will be able to spread out, and this is appealing to potential buyers. If you choose the right verandah for your home, you will enhance the look of your house, and street appeal of your property. Any space that adds functionality or viable living areas to your home will add value. By adding a verandah, you are ensuring you are taking advantage of all available space on your property, and utilising every square inch to the best of your ability. A verandah can cost up to $20,000 to install, and can therefore add serious amounts to the value of your home.

Can be designed specifically for your house

There are four basic styles of verandah, including; curved, flat, gabled and sunroof. These styles are merely a guide however, and can be modified and made unique to any home. A curved verandah simply has a curved roof, and creates a stylish, more modern look. By choosing to go with this option, you are adding a focal point to your home’s structure. 

A flat verandah is generally the most common verandah in Australia as it is a versatile option and is quite a modest design. Flat verandahs are relatively easy to install into existing homes. This is the option to choose if you are looking for something simple and not too flashy that you can relax under. This tends to be the least expensive option, and requires the least amount of work and planning.

A verandah with a gabled roof is perfect for properties with a pitched roof, and extends the outdoor space to match the structure of your home. A gabled roof allows for fans or lighting to be added into your verandah, and therefore is a great option for people who plan to capitalise on the entertaining and dining experience.

Lastly, we have the sunroof verandah. The sunroof verandah generally adds a panel of sheer material to the roof in order to provide an additional light source and brighten up your outdoor space. This style of verandah therefore is the best option for shaded areas that are in need of this additional source of light.

Adding a verandah to your home increases the attractiveness of your property. With the right verandah style, you can tie your house and verandah together and enhance your property’s street appeal.

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