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What is a verandah?

A verandah is an area that can be added to existing properties or structures, or can be installed in a new build. They can come in many different styles in order to ensure it fits the look you’re after with your home. If you are on the fence about getting a verandah added to your home, keep in mind that the style and look will be modified to your taste, and ultimately provide your home with extra living space!

Adds value to your home

Adding a verandah to your home will ultimately increase your home’s value. It does this by providing more functional floor space, and giving homeowners the option for outdoor entertainment all year round. If you are planning on putting your home on the market one day, you should absolutely consider the value added by installing a verandah. The ability to spread out in your home is one that appeals to many buyers. Everyone loves to make the most of their homes and the living space they have available, and a verandah does exactly that!

Stylish expression of your taste

Today’s verandahs come in a wide range of options, so there is an option for every home! There are verandah styles that can be designed to keep the sun out- which is perfect for Adelaide homes to provide shade from this Summer heat- and easily match the aesthetic of the rest of your home whilst doing so!

There are four basic verandah styles and these include curved, flat, gabled and sunroof. Though these styles exist, never fear as they are still able to be modified and made unique to your home and your taste! Generally a curved verandah will provide your home with a slightly more modern look, creating a focal point for your home’s structure. A flat verandah tends to be the least expensive option; requiring the least amount of work and planning, and is the most common choice for Australians. A verandah with a gabled roof allows for more functional living space, as it enables fans or lighting to be added if you would like this option! And finally, the sunroof verandah is one that will simply add sheer material to the roof of the verandah to encourage further light to flow into this area. This one is beneficial for shady areas in need of this additional light source.

Outdoor entertainment all year round

Verandahs are a great option for those who love spending time outdoors! They are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, whilst staying out of the sun or rain. Some ways you will be able to capitalise on these benefits include adding some outdoor lounging, possibly even a barbecue if you desire! Not only will you and your family be able to enjoy these benefits of being outdoors, but it will become a great place to host guests. 

If you have noticed you don’t tend to make use of your yard much throughout the year, a verandah is the best option to encourage you to do so!

Provides cover from weather elements

With a verandah, there will be left no excuse to stay inside, whatever the weather is like; on hot Summer days like what we are currently experiencing, a verandah provides a shady area to enjoy a few drinks! If the weather is quite rainy and wet, you’ll be able to still make use of your yard without getting wet, granted you have a verandah! 

Provides more functional living space

Any space that will add viable living areas to your home will add value! Adding a verandah to your home will do this by allowing you and your family to spread out. As mentioned before, you will have the option of outdoor entertainment year-round! This is only one option for your verandah’s use however, and other ways you can use this space include (but are certainly not limited to) a poolside lounge if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, an ultimate relaxation spot with a daybed, or even a bar inspired area! The options really are endless, and it all ultimately depends on your personal taste, and needs! Even as your needs change over the years, your verandah’s function will easily change with you.

Australian history with verandahs

Verandahs have always been exceptionally popular in Australian homes since even the 1800s, even featuring in a widely beloved song ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’ by John Williamson as he sings of ‘a clothesline out the back, verandah out the front, and an old rocking chair’. So why are they so popular in Australia? This is due to the considerable amount of living space added, and the option for entertaining guests year-round, protected from weather elements!




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