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Why Choose Rite Price Roofing

Rite Price Roofing is a division of the well established Rite Price Heating and Cooling Group which has had a great history for over 20 years in providing great customer service and satisfaction.

Rite Price Roofing employs industry experts that have over 25 years experience with all aspects of roof restoration and roofing works. Owners Andrew and Alison Knowles are proudly South Australian, so you can rest assured you are buying from a local family business. Rite Price Roofing will provide a solution to suit your every need.

Our experts will give you the right advice every time on your home roofing projects. We use quality materials from Acryloc and Revolution Roofing to ensure the best for your home.

Why is roof restoration and roofing works needed?

Your roof protects your home or property from the wind, rain and the elements, keeping your family and the individuals in your property safe and dry. If you’ve moved into a new home that needs renovation or your existing home needs roofing work it’s best to engage the services of a professional roofing and guttering expert to ensure you get the comprehensive services you need to create the ideal roofing solution.

Over time your roof can experience wear and tear and if you don’t repair and regutter your roof, as it is required you could wind up with an expensive repair bill and possibly extensive damage to your entire home.

Your roof spans the entirety of your home, and a leaking roof can mean more than a few inconvenient drips here and there and a puddle in your home, it can be a serious defect which could be affecting the stability of your entire home and could wind up costing you far more in structural damage and repairs than you could imagine.

When you need structural roofing works and guttering services, it’s best to engage a professional for a wide number of reasons.

Why you should engage an expert for your roof restoration and roofing needs

Here are a few reasons why you should call in roofing contractors Adelaide experts for your roof projects.

1. Roofing experts are insured

If this is the only reason why you decide to call the experts this is the most important as any work done on your home or property by unlicensed or inferior trades can affect your insurance policy and may wind up costing you more in the long run.

Choosing roofing contractors that have the licences, insurance and experience you need to get the job done for your property in Adelaide will mean you get a quality result that is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Should any work not be up to standard, you are protected by the industry, and you can request for work to be redone if it is not up to standard.

As well as this, you are paying for work that is covered in the event your home is damaged and your insurer stands by the quality of the work.

Engaging a cheap, and often uninsured roofing company is simply a recipe for disaster and if you need roofing work and gutter repairs you are running the risk of a poor job in and in some cases the inexperienced roofing company causing more harm than good.

2. Quality roofing products

Expert roofers use only the best materials, and if you are engaging the best local roofers and guttering professionals, you will have the peace of mind that they are using the best materials from the highest quality suppliers. Using inferior products might save you a few dollars however knowledgeable and experienced roofing professionals know that when you use good products, you will get a result that will last and won’t need as much maintenance.

As well as this, quality roofing products used by experienced professionals will last longer meaning your maintenance and repair bills will be lower and the lifespan of your roof and guttering will be longer.

3. Safe and secure processes – Get a professional roofing job done

When you use the best roofing professionals, you can be assured of the safety and security of workers on your roof or guttering. Industry experts have been trained in safety and OHS and will go above and beyond to ensure no accidents and breaches in safety occur on your site.

Of course, accidents happen, however, safety is important and by ensuring the site is safe, and security accidents can be minimised so your work can be carried out quickly and without issue.

Speedy service on all roof works – including full roof restoration

When you do roofing and gutter works day in day out you, get very good at it and work can be carried out in a fashion that is reliable and efficient. Using the services of a local Adelaide roofing expert that specialises in roofing and gutter work will ensure your job is carried out in a timely fashion and all work is done on time and on a budget.

Using inexperienced contractors who may not specialise in roofing and guttering can mean your timeframe and budget can blow out, and you and your family may need to experience the inconvenience of roof repairs for extensive time frames.

Professional roofing and guttering companies understand the inconvenience of roofing repairs and ensure their service delivery is fast, efficient and affordable so you can get on with your life without the inconvenience of repair work and tradesman in and around your home.

Roofing services backed by a guarantee

Many roofing professionals will offer a satisfaction guarantee for all work to ensure customers are 100% happy with the work undertaken. Using a local expert who is insured and qualified means you can often enjoy a guarantee for all work carried out should anything need review or fixing in the future.

Using inexperienced and handymen who don’t have a guarantee can mean you need to pay twice for the same work and you may not get the roofing and guttering work done to your satisfaction.

Available across the local area – Best roofing service near your location

If you’ve ever needed roofing services and guttering work, it’s usually an urgent job, and you don’t want to be waiting for any length of time to get the work done.

Roofing repairs and guttering work is usually a job that requires attention in the shortest period of time possible, and you want a dedicated expert who works throughout the local area.

Professional roofing and guttering experts that work throughout your local area are the ideal option for home and property owners due to the fact that your roofing company can pop in and access the damage quickly and make a plan for the repairs or work based on the urgency of the job.

As well as this, by being available in the local area that can set in place temporary repairs while you wait for major works to be carried out on the roof or gutter system.

Experienced with years in the roof restoration and roofing trade

Professional roofing companies only use the best of the best when it comes to staff and contractors, and you can be assured that when you use a local roofing company who is licenced and insured you will be gaining access to a history of experience.

When quality workmanship is paramount for your job, using a professional roofing company with the experience and years under their belt to understand how to get the best roofing and guttering done for your needs is essential when you want the job done properly.

Experienced trades can also provide guidance when it comes to quoting and providing guidance on colour selection and materials. Quality roofers understand what products would work best for your budget and your needs.

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