Is it time for your property to get roof repairs done?

Have you been debating whether or not to fix the small issues or damages with your roof? Or are unsure whether you even need to? It is important to stay vigilant about any issues with your roof, as it is the most important element of your home; protecting you from the outside elements and providing shelter. It’s not always super obvious when roof repairs need to be done, however there are some ways that make it a bit easier to tell if it’s time to get a roof check or roof repairs done. Keep reading if you’d like to know more information about signs of roof damage. It is always best to consult with a professional before making any decisions, however this is a simple guide you can use to find issues that are easier to spot.

Dark Patches

If you’ve noticed that your roof has started showing dark patches, it means that your roof is losing its protective coating and is now fully exposed to the outside elements. This happens when the layer of granules covering the shingles have been eroded by direct sunlight. The sooner you get roof repairs done to remedy this situation, the better, or else your roof will continue to wear out and weaken.

Damages to shingles

Damages to your shingles can be easy to spot, and should be repaired as soon as possible. Age is the main cause of your shingles becoming brittle, causing them to easily chip or break. In order to prevent further serious damage from happening, you should get your shingles repaired as soon as you can. One damaged shingle does not mean you’ll need your entire roof replaced, but you should stay cautious about undamaged shingles as they will also be likely to chip due to age. Broken shingles not being replaced quickly may contribute to other roofing issues such as roof leaks, which is much more expensive than a simple shingle repair.

Moss growth

The growth of moss on your roof is a potential sign that roof repairs need to be completed on your roof. Even once the moss has been cleaned off of the roof, there is still a chance that the moss has grown into your roof, expanding your shingles and pulling them out of place. These more extensive issues of moss growth will cause the need for your roof to be completely replaced in order to protect your roof’s structural integrity. This is why it is important to get your roof inspected and professionally cleaned at the first sign of mould.

Empty patches

Shingles tend to degrade over time, and this is inevitable, though with regular maintenance and roof checks, your shingles can remain in good condition for a very long time. An easy way to tell if your roof is beginning to degrade is if your roof is missing any shingles. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is important to get this repaired as soon as possible; if you leave it too long, roof replacement or restoration may soon become your best option.

Worn out or loose materials

It is important to frequently check areas of your roof around your chimney, gutters, pipes or air conditioner systems, as well as any sections of your roof that have been cut and resealed throughout your roof’s life. Worn out and loose roof materials will cause other issues that will be more expensive to fix, and therefore it is best to stay on top of thoroughly checking your roof, and repairing it before it gets too late.


Sagging is a big problem for roofs and suggests that the sagging area of your roof is holding more pressure from rain or wind. If the roof is sagging heavily, a roof replacement may be the right option, but if caught early on when sagging is minimal, roof repairs are possible to fix the problem.

Corrosion or worn paint

Having even one weak tile will compromise the structural integrity of your roof; your roof is only as strong as its weakest tile! This is due to the fact that one broken tile allows for outside elements to penetrate and enter your roof, causing more damage in the process. You can tell if your roof is corroded if there is water sitting around the fittings, or if there is any flaking paint, rotten wood or rusted fittings. If you find that your roof is in fact corroded, you can repair it by investing in a roof restoration, or like other issues, if left for too long, a roof replacement may be necessary.

Even if you don’t believe your roof needs repairs, it is always beneficial to get your roof inspected every couple years just to make sure that any damage is caught before it becomes expensive to fix.

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