Why is roof restoration necessary?

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To most of us, your home or investment property will be the most expensive item that you will invest your hard-earned money into. Our homes protect our family, our belongings and provide safety and security from the elements.


Just like your car needs a regular service to keep it on the road, your home needs regular maintenance to ensure that it keeps you and your family safe. Your roof arguably is one of the most important parts of your home; it is literally what keeps you dry at night. So it seems strange that one of the most important elements to our homes is usually one of the most neglected parts – that is until of course, things come crashing down.


Roof restoration is something that is beyond the realm of the DIY market, as it involves spending time up in and on the roof of your home, with electrical wiring and heating/cooling pipes all over the place. Putting your amateur DIY experience to the test in your roof is like playing with fire, you are putting your life in your hands.


So when thinking about getting work done on your roof, there is no excuse not to use qualified, licenced experts to get the job done right the first time.


What is a roof restoration?


A roof restoration can be anything from a full replacement, repair, maintenance, paint, clean or just about anything that protects and prolongs the life of your roof.


The key with considering a roof restoration is that there may be a lot more ‘under the surface’ that simply a cracked tile or leaking roof. So having licenced, qualified and professional experts is essential if you want to get a job that lasts, protects and doesn’t cause more issues along the way.


There are many reasons that you may need a roof restoration from cracked tiles, water leakage, mould or damage from extreme weather. In this article, we look into what are the major issues that happen to our roofs and what can be done about it.


Don’t risk your property by leaving a leaking roof!

There is nothing worse than looking up and seeing water gushing through your roof or creating a bow in your Gyprock. Caused by a range of issues such as cracked guttering, damaged tiles or aluminium sheeting or perhaps animals have burrowed a hole somewhere in your roof cavities, if you have a leaking or damaged roof no matter how it has been caused you need to fix it fast.


Having a roof restoration expert come into your home, review the damage and providing a range of temporary and permanent solutions is the best step to avoiding further costly damage and erosion of your home.


While you may not be in a financial position to pay for a full roof restoration now, a roofing specialist will be able to work with you and your budget to provide a solution that can work to provide you and your family with security.


There is nothing nice about mould!


Mould is something you never want to see, but it is a reality when your roof is not protecting your home properly. Mould is one of the most common causes of damaging in ceilings and walls of your home.


Apart from the damp feeling, the discolouration, the lasting damage and the stench, your home will eventually open your family up to potentially harmful exposure to mould causing allergies and other health risks.


An expert roof restoration expert – such as Rite Price Roofing – will come to your home and provide a complete picture for you and your home. Not only around the issues you can see, but the root causes of your mould damage. This is often one of the greatest issues that many companies will provide a solution to replacing the wall or the mould damage, but not what caused it in the first place.


Don’t delay with roof storm damage


We are all well aware of the vicious storms that lash the Australian landscape – and all our homes in their path. From ‘golf ball sized’ hailstones, cyclonic winds and days of heavy rain and wind at a time, we have some of the most unpredictable seasons anywhere in the world.


When a storm hits, your home may be in the path, and there is nothing you can do about it. With potential damage from the elements, trees or flying debris, you will need an urgent roof restoration to ensure your home is secure and protected as quickly as possible.


Give your home a new lease on life with a roof restoration!


We live in a country with a beautiful and rich history, with many heritage-listed bluestone cottages, old Queenslander farm homes or terraces. Roof restorations are not simply about fixing or preventing something from going wrong; it can also be about bringing back the past glory of a beautiful building.


A roof is a centrepiece of every home, in many cases, it bears the brunt of Mother Nature for sometimes hundreds of years at a time. As can be imagined, to bring these buildings back to their former glory, a roof restoration can bring the form, shape, colour and class back to any building that may be looking a tad ‘old in the tooth’.


Renovation rescue by improving your roof


You may be looking to add value to your home or investment through a renovation. As previously mentioned, there are many areas in which you can DIY to your heart’s content; your roof is not one of these!


A good roof restoration company with a team of professionals such as the Rite Price Roofing team can come to your home and work through the ways in which a roofing restoration can not only give your home a new shape, look or feel, but add much-needed value to the sale price of your home.


How much will a roof restoration cost?


It is vital firstly that any person that is providing you with a quote on the roof restoration for your home does so after reviewing your home, your external and internal roof as well as supporting foundations.


There may always be other hidden gems in your roof that will bring extra costs to your roof restoration project (such as rotting beams or internal damage), but then there maybe gems of another kind, which can potentially add size, scope and value to your project. Only a qualified and expert team of roof restoration professionals can provide you with a complete picture of what is possible and how much it is going to cost from the outset.


Full roof restorations depend on what materials and the time that it will require to repair and rebuilt any structural elements of your roof. However, as a general rule, they start at around $2500 for an averaged size home, while it can go anywhere towards $10,000 and above for the larger jobs.


Again, it comes down to the size, type and height of your home when it comes to costing out your roof restoration project. Your roof restoration company will be able to advice you on these.


A roof restoration is more than a full replacement!


Remember that a roof restoration can include anything to make your roof more visually appealing, water and animal proof. So this can also include painting, replacement of broken tiles or simply cleaning the dirt, mould or algae build up that may be impacting your home. Your roof restoration company will be able to advice you on what is needed.


These services can start from a few hundred dollars and go up to a few thousand depending on the size of your roof and the extent of the clean, paint or repair.


Cheaper than a full roof replacement, a restoration can breathe new life into your home and add significant street appeal to properties that are soon to go to the market or look to be sold to new buyers.


Check with your roof restoration company on whether you need roof restoration


Speaking with Rite Price Roofing is your first step to an affordable, customised and quality roof restoration project. We are a leading roof restoration company with an expert team that can meet you on site, review the internal and external elements of your roof and provide a ‘real quote’ not just a ballpark. In addition to this, depending on your budget and requirements, the expert Rite Price Roofing team can provide a range of solutions that better suit your needs.


While DIY or a general handyman can do a mediocre job, do you feel comfortable with the knowledge that you are putting your family’s safety, security, health and wellbeing in potential jeopardy?


The roof of your home is what keeps you and your family dry at night, keeps your assets safe and should be only tended to by those in the know.


To find out more about roof restoration in and around Adelaide speak with the experts from Rite Price Roofing – a leading roof restoration company in Adelaide. Our team of specialist roofing experts will provide an on-site quote for all work across Adelaide and offer the highest levels of customer service to ensure you’re 100% happy with all work undertaken.


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