Have you ever spent your summer holidays trying to escape the heat and sun during the middle of the day? Do you always have to sit inside to beat the heat and stay in the shade? A quality verandah could provide the coverage and protection you need and allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to cope with the full height of the sun.

There are plenty of benefits of having a verandah in your Adelaide home, not only do they add a finishing touch to your home but provide a quality space for you to escape the elements and relax. Verandahs aren’t enjoyable they can also add tremendous value to your home – effectively adding square metres to your home.

Adding a verandah to your home can be done at any time and can be designed and installed to add a sophisticated and functional look to your property.

We have outlined some of the reasons why you need a new verandah in your Adelaide home this summer:

Increase the look and aesthetics of your home

Adding a verandah has plenty of benefits including adding a special touch of functionality and class to your property. You can add a verandah that matches the style of your home, from plantation style homes, modern homes, classic, modern or anything in between. Verandahs can be created to match or mimic the materials of your existing property or by using contrasting materials you can add an interesting addition to your property that will be a talking point for all your guests.

Entertain even when it’s the height of summer

If you have ever entertained during the summer months in Adelaide you will know how hot the weather can be and adding a verandah to your home can allow you to entertain outdoors and enjoy the breeze all while being sheltered from the home. If you need additional space for a larger dining table or lounge area or you just need an area to enjoy the outdoors, a verandah offers a world of opportunities. Dining alfresco is an Australian past time and may Australians love the idea of outside home spaces that flow from the main living area to the outdoors.

Protect your family from the elements

If you have grown up in Australia during the summer months you will be aware of the blistering hot days, the wild summer storms, the hail, monsoon rain and everything in between. Verandahs protect your family from the outside and help to reduce your reliance on air conditioning and fans while you enjoy the breezes and outdoors in comfort. Some verandahs offer the option of heavy duty screens so you can be outdoors yet have protection again mosquitos and bugs.

Add value to your home and property

It goes without saying that adding a verandah to your home adds value to your property so if you’re tossing up whether to do this or not it’s time to stop wondering. A well-designed and installed verandah acts as an extension of your home and adds appeal.

So if you’re considered a wrap around verandah or to add some extra value and functionality to your property you can certainly benefit in a wide range of ways. Consider adding a verandah on the bottom or top level of your home (if you own a two story property) and keep in mind that should you wish to sell your property in the future a verandah is a welcome addition for potential buyers.

Add the creature comforts

Just because you are outside in your verandah area doesn’t mean you can’t have all the modern conveniences. You can add a wide range of features and fittings to your verandah including fans, automatic shutters and louvres, screens and lighting – which can add an extra level of comfort and enjoyment for our living area.

A verandah can be much more than an outdoor area but an external living room with beautiful furniture and dining options for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Install a verandah to your Adelaide home and enjoy the outdoors

If you want to enjoy every square inch of your home then installing a verandah is a good place to start.

There are plenty of great design options for a new verandah installation including verandahs with pitched roofs, decorative pillars, and architecturally designed options that will add some serious value to your property.

Your imagination is the limit for a quality verandah and you can enjoy extra outdoor space with the peace of mind that you won’t be hit by the afternoon sun in summer or any of the other summer weather that Australia throws at us.

Rite Price Roofing offers an extensive range of verandahs for Adelaide homes

If you have always dreamed of taking advantage of your outdoor space and adding a verandah it could be the right time to get your verandah installed so you can enjoy the summer months in style.

Verandahs have been a stylish addition to Australian homes for over 150 years and their functional yet appealing look can make your home into a haven. Able to be constructed to match or compliment your existing structure, a verandah adds the extra space you need to entertain, relax and enjoy down time.

Call Rite Price Roofing and arrange an obligation free quote

If it’s time for you to start the ball rolling and explore installing a verandah to your property why not get in touch with the roofing experts from Rite Price Roofing.

Rite Price is a family owned company that is local to Adelaide and offers the highest quality service, materials and customer support. If you want to boost your comfort during the summer months and add value to your home get in touch and ask for a roofing professional to visit your home and provide an affordable quotation for your verandah installation.

We offer quality roofing, materials and service and only use the best roofing teams in the local area.

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