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Verandahs Adelaide

Alfresco living is a growing lifestyle trend around the world but is particularly popular in regions with warmer weather like Australia. And South Australians are the frontrunners in enjoying the outdoors and utilising their home spaces for an enhanced lifestyle. The popular choice is to add a verandah, patio or pergola as an extension of the indoors to the outside. The best verandahs Adelaide has to offer can only be acquired at Rite Price Roofing. RPR is a specialist in designing and building verandahs, patios, pergolas and carports. Our aim is to make your life more comfortable so that you can enjoy your time at home with friends and family.

Verandahs That keep Adelaide Families together

verandahResidents in Adelaide enjoy rather short and mild winters coupled with warm and even hot temperatures throughout much of the rest of the year. With the warm climate that the area is known for, many residents in Adelaide are looking for a great way to improve their comfort level while enjoying time relaxing outdoors.While there are several ideas that you can implement to maximise your comfort level while outdoors at home, a beautiful home improvement idea is to install a lovely verandah on your property. A verandah essentially will provide you with a large covered patio area across the front, rear or even entire perimeter of your home’s exterior. It can be enhanced with patio furniture, ceiling fans and other elements for improved comfort. If you are thinking about installing a verandah on your property, you will want to reach out to Rite Price Roofing for the installation. For the best verandah Adelaide has to offer, talk to RPR today.

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Excellent service and workmanship

Great people to work with. Workmanship is excellent and reasonably priced. Quick job too and they cleaned up before leaving. Definitely recommended.

Paul Leong - Google Reviews

Great service and good price

Great service and good price for a great final product. Pat and the installers were professional and dedicated. Within 2 weeks of inquiring I have a fantastic verandah roof replacement which meets what I wanted perfectly.

Trish - Google Reviews

Great service from the start- best price

Just had my roof restored and all my gutters replaced by rite price roofing, and wow! Great service from the start- best price - PLUS the end result was fantastic. Very very happy, highly recommend.

Louise Pitt - Google Reviews

Wonderful experience with Rite Price Roofing

I had a wonderful experience with Rite Price Roofing for my House roof repair. From the quote to the finish of the job was on time and they did an amazing work. Moreover their price was very reasonable. Thanks

Regi John - Google Reviews

Quality work

Quality work, great communication throughout the process. Easy payment. Very helpful.

Cassie Peterson - Google Reviews

Verandahs Adelaide Home Owner Love

Verandah Designs

Verandahs used to be rather standard in terms of design and visual appeal. However, through the years, Verandas Adelaide roofing companies design has evolved considerably. Today, lucky for the home owner, there are a myriad of Verandah layouts, materials and designs to choose from. Depending on your home layout, and your personal objectives (ie. how you intend to use your space and what you would like to achieve), you could be open to a wide range of options for a Verandah.Let’s take a look at some choices you might have to decide on before you even contact a roofing company that specialises verandahs. Besides layout, you can also choose the material, color and profile of your verandah.

Building Verandahs Using The Best Materials

Generally, you could choose between wood or metal sheets (colorbond). If you have a colorbond/metal roof, you would generally want match your verandah by using the same material. However, some owners have unique design ideas which could nicely blend a wooden verandah with a house with colorbond roofing.

Wooden verandahs give a more “character” feel to the home and can lend a very cosy atmosphere to the home. They are generally harder to install and cost more as good quality wood is not cheap. The verandahs Adelaide contractors builds are very durable when built with metals, easy to install and much cheaper in terms of material costs. Most modern homes will go for metal verandahs as they are both durable and cost effective.


There are many different wood grains and colors you can choose from should you decide to install a wooden verandah. You would want to select a wood type that is highly durable and that can withstand the climate of South Australia. If you are opting for a metal verandah, colors abound. In fact, you could likely choose from the full range of colors found in the colorbond catalogue.


In addition to the color and type of material, you can also decide on the profile for the Verandah. You could have a flat rectangular profile, or the curved profile, or even a mix of both. You can also introduce see through sections on your verandah so that light can pass through – providing illumination ( like a skylight).

Work With A Verandah Specialist

When it comes to Verandah installations, do not comprise on quality. Go for the best material you can afford, and definitely work with a trusted verandah specialist. Once installed, you will want your Verandah to last you a long time, and not have to worry about leaks and repairs. Hence, the quality of work during installation is very important. Even new Verandahs, if installed poorly, could lead to heaps of problems. Including leaks, sheets coming loose due to strong winds, etc.

Quality Design Services

While some outdoor feature that you may add to your property are not true additions to your property, a verandah will be permanently attached to your home’s exterior. More than that, most verandahs will have an extension of the roof line, and the same materials used on the main structure’s roof may need to be used for the roof of the verandah. This will impact the overall curb appeal of the property as well as it value and condition, and you do not want to trust just any company to work on your home’s roof.

Rite Price Roofing provides you with quality design services so that the verandah will have a flawless appearance with the exterior of your home. It may look as though the verandah was part of the original construction rather than a secondary addition to the property. In addition, quality materials will be used for the construction to ensure the best overall results.

A Truly Valuable Addition to Your Property

A beautiful verandah can be a true addition to your property that adds value in a number of ways. When the right design and materials are used with the construction of the verandah, the verandah can increase your property value. It can also provide you with a functional area that can be used to help you maximise your comfort level while outdoors on even the warmest days in Adelaide. In fact, your covered area may be ten or more degrees cooler in the shade than you may experience in full sunlight in your yard. Installing a verandah on your Adelaide area home makes sense for a number of reasons. When you are ready to learn more about the design options for your home and to request a quote for the construction, contact Rite Price Roofing Adelaide for assistance.


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