How long does a roof restoration take?

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Rite Price Roofing is a division of the well established Rite Price Heating and Cooling Group which has had a great history for over 20 years in providing great customer service and satisfaction. Please continue reading to learn more about this article.

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Roof restoration is an important, yet timely task. At Rite Price Roofing, we are dedicated to helping homeowners in Adelaide to restore their roofs and add greater value to their homes. Throughout South Australia we can experience extreme weather conditions all throughout the year, it is important that your roof can withstand these elements to keep your family protected and adding more value to your home.

It is important to understand that the entire roof restoration process can take up to 24 months. In this blog post we will outline our 7-step process to completing our roof restoration and what you can expect from our roof restoration packages at Rite Price Roofing.

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Our 7 step process:

Roof assessment:

Our first step in the roof restoration process is to assess your roof’s condition. This will allow us to understand if there are any damaged parts of your roof, we carefully scan every part of your roof to ensure that we are aware of all points of damage so we can ensure every problem is addressed appropriately. 

Roof cleaning:

Over time, it is inevitable that your roof will have years built up of dirt, debris, and grime on your roof. Not only is this important to clean so our professionals can properly address any issues with your roofing, it can also help us get a better look at any problems that have not been found in the first roof assessment. A clean roof will also make it significantly easier for us to spot any roof leakages or other areas of concern that need to be restored.

Roof repairs:

This step is the most important in the roof restoration process as this is where we follow up on every damaged section that we identified in our prior inspections. This is where our professionals will be able to deliver the best results, making your roof look brand new again.

Roofing, re-bedding, and repointing:

Now our professionals will rebed and repoint all of the loose and misaligned ridge capping and fill in any cracks that were found upon inspection. Rebedding is a required step when old mortar is badly broken and has become cracked over time. This is then repointed by using a flexible compound which seals the capping along the ridges of the tiles.

Chemical treatment:

Our team will then apply a protective coating to the roof once the repair work has been completed to increase its longevity. The protective coating not only increases the durability of the roof, but it also prolongs the time between the next maintenance that is needed.

Roof painting:

Now that all of the broken or misaligned tiles have been fixed, our professionals can easily paint your roof to provide another added layer of protection, durability and weatherproofing. Our team at Rite Price Roofing using quality DULUX Paint that ensures ultimate protection and will transform the look of your roof, along with your entire home.

Final assessment:

Once all of the processes above have been completed successfully, our team will conduct a post job assessment to ensure everything has been completed to the highest standard. This includes another walk through of the entire roof, this helps us to identify any problems that may have been missed.

Our first points of concern are finding any broken tiles as this could lead to future leaks or cracking. We also prioritise repairing chipped or any tiles that are showing slight signs of damage to ensure that your roof is completely protected against all elements for years. As a part of our preparation process we also extensively check your roofing for any flues and flashing for defects, if we find any problems we fix these carefully with a flexible sealer to prevent future leakage.

We also provide a pressure cleaning process before any painting has been done on your roof. This helps us to remove any dirt, grime, old paint and allows us to paint on a clean surface. We want our customers to know that we do not use any chemicals in this process to ensure that the roof remains stable and does not ruin any of the current fixtures. Once this has been completed, our team can proceed to the next stage of restoration which includes the Algicide wash, then a primer bond is used to seal everything.

Our team at Rite Price Roofing Adelaide employes the best roof restoration workers who have more than 25 years worth of experience in the roof restoration and home improvement industry. Although this is a timely process, our customers can feel confident that we deliver the highest levels of workmanship, complete work in a timely manner, and stay within budget. We also offer a 15 year warranty for your roof restoration, at Rite Price Roofing Adelaide we will not let you down! Get in contact with us today to find out more about how a roof restoration can transform your home.




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