Property maintenance and upkeep is an inevitable expenditure for home owners. As home owners we employ our DIY skills for our landscaping, electrical, heating and cooling, roofing and other maintenance needs or contract professional tradesmen for when our need expert services. We do this because we love our homes and want our properties in the best condition possible at all times. Maintenance costs however vary from affordable to expensive depending on what we want done, hence why we ask questions, seek out deals and payment plan on goods and services for our homes.
One of the more pertinent questions asked in relation to home improvement and maintenance is this: what is roof restoration and how does it differ from roof replacement?(for more info on roof restoration click here) When do I need to replace my roof? Is roof restoration the best option? This blog answers that question by elaborating more on roof replacement and roof restoration and concluding on the difference between the two and also providing an advice on which to choose for your home improvement project.

What is Roof Replacement?

Re-roofing or roof replacement generally involves the removing all current roof materials from your roof and replacing them with brand new tiles or metal sheets. Roof replacement can be a massive undertaking hence why it is recommended that you contract a roof replacement Adelaide company to carry out the service. Roof replacement is generally carried out in instances where repair or restoration would only serve to partially address the situation; this is mainly due to prolonged deterioration of your roof due to continuous exposure to the elements such as heavy rains, storms, strong winds, hailstorms and other unwelcomes circumstances.

What is the Roof Replacement Process?

Roof replacement generally involves replacing your entire roofing structure with new tiles or metal sheets. The first step however is to conduct a comprehensive roof inspection to ascertain the extent of the damage to your roof and to detect any issues that might potentially hinder the roof replacement process. The inspection process also serves as an avenue to recommend suitable materials and colour coat for your roof that’ll vastly improve your roof’s aesthetic. The next step of the replacement process is to remove the old roof materials and replace them with brand new materials. Roof replacement generally follow an industry standard aimed at preventing structural inconsistencies: a tiled roof will be replaced with new tiles, and the same goes for roofs with metal sheets. Learn more about roof replacement process here.

Why do we need a Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is absolutely necessary in instances of major damage to your roof or in situations where roof deterioration affects the structural integrity of your property as well as potentially causing massive damages due to heavy rainfall or strong winds.

What are the benefits of Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement automatically improves the aesthetic of your home by giving it a brand new feel which in turn improves the longevity of your property while also increasing its value. Similarly, replacing your roof with the latest in roofing technology ensures that your property in well protected in years to come. Similarly, roof replacement saves you on stubborn repairs and the associated damages and in some cases, it is the more affordable option than roof restoration.

What is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration restores your roof to a better condition than its current state. The restoration process returns your roof to its optimum state and generally involves cleaning, repair, repainting and other restoration activities geared toward returning your roof to its best state regardless of the roof type. Roof restoration is an important preventive step against future roof damage caused by the elements and other factors as well as potentially costly repairs associated with aging roof decay and deterioration. Roof restoration is an extremely important task in the general maintenance of your home. It is advisable that you engage a professional service company or tradesman to carry out the necessary roof restoration activities as this provides you with the security and confidence of expert workmanship.

Why do we need Roof Restoration?

Our roofs – like other parts of our home and property – requires general maintenance and upkeep to ensure its integrity and structure is in place; especially when exposed to different weather conditions all year round. The effects of extreme seasonal conditions on our roof cannot be understated. Natural phenomena like heat waves, storms, heavy rain, hailstorms and strong winds slowly begin to take their toll and over a period of time you begin to notice moss, rust and rotting tiles that are in need of urgent attention or replacing. If left unchecked, these slight defects can escalate to massive damages that could result to an entire roof replacement which could be very costly – hence why roof restoration is necessary.

What is the Restoration Process?

The roof restoration process involves a thorough professional cleaning of your roof to remove any and all build-up of algae, dirt, debris, leaves and other elements. Roof repair, painting and re-coating are also part of the restoration process and are generally carried out depending on the state of the roof. The overall roof restoration procedure consists of the following:
• Initial Assessment
• Roof repair – including tile roof repair for roofs fitted with tiles
• Roof cleaning
• Roof re-coating

What are the benefits of Roof Restoration?

The main benefit of roof restoration is that it saves you thousands of dollars in cost from damages resulting from leaky or faulty roofs. Roof restoration also improves the aesthetic of your home while also driving up its value. Roof restoration offers longevity to your roof and is a cost effective alternative to a complete roof replacement or overhaul.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

A roof restoration procedure carried out by an expert tradesman from a reputable roof restoration Adelaide company like Rite Price Roofing can be completed as early as three days or up to a week depending on the extent of work that needs to be done. Here at Rice Price Roofing, we offer the best services at a competitive price. Our expert tradesmen have the experience, tools and resilience needed to clean and restore your roof and also repair chipped, broken or cracked tiles, warped metal and other structural deformities. Contact us now and discuss with our expert staff on what service you require; a thorough restoration procedure at Rite Price generally starts from $3990.

What is the Difference?

Roof restoration and replacement serves a fundamental goal which is to improve the aesthetic of your roof, improve the value and provide adequate medium and long term protection against the elements. The difference between roof restoration and roof replacement however is that roof restoration serves as a preventive measure against lasting damage and is carried out when periodically whereas roof replacement is a one off solution against stubborn faulty roofs or roofs beyond repair. Both options are viable and have numerous benefits that will serve you and your property in the long term.

Which is the more advisable option?

Deciding on which to choose can be an arduous task that is why it is recommended to seek a professional roof restoration and roof replacement Adelaide company for consultation and assessment of your roof to ascertain what procedure should be carried out. Observation from experienced industry tradesmen tells us that most roof generally need restoration or replacement after 10-15 years – especially roofs with concrete tiles as these tend to depreciate faster than terracotta tiles for example. Therefore it is recommended that you engage a professional Adelaide roof restoration company to carry out periodical checks to make sure the integrity of your roof is intact. Here at Rite Price Roofing, we offer such service at affordable and competitive prices. Call us now for a consultation.

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