Welcome to the newly revamped Rite Price Roofing Website. As you may have noticed by now, a new rite price roofing website has gone live. IT gurus have been working hard behind the scenes on this major revamp project for the past three months now in order to deliver a profound experience for our distinguished users and visitors and I can say with confidence that they have successfully delivered a website that is faster, more responsive, more attractive and aesthetic,  agile, easy to navigate and most importantly, more user friendly. The website now includes much more information that we hope will be of value to our visitors and help drive user experience up.

The old design was adequate but it was a little behind the times and lacked a certain technical and aesthetic je ne sais quous – it didn’t have the features and support for modern day users and browsers – hence the revamp project. The new website now has a new modern shell with improved design and easier site navigation. The aim of the revamp was to get a modern look as well as make the website easier for our users to navigate regardless of computer competency. We hope we have delivered on this.

We would love to hear from you about the new look. Please provide your feedback in the comment section below. Thanks.


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