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Rite Price Roofing is a division of the well established Rite Price Heating and Cooling Group which has had a great history for over 20 years in providing great customer service and satisfaction. Please continue reading to learn more about this article.

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You may not know it but gutters are one of the most important features of your home. Not only do they frame our home and make it look attractive, but they carry out a vital role in keeping water away from eaves, timber work and ground surroundings. 

But how often do we even think about them? Usually the answer is when something goes wrong. And that usually ends up with big repair job and a bill to match. This can all be avoided by installing the right sort of gutters in the first place and then committing to regular maintenance to ensure they stay in great condition.

Gutters work hard all year ‘round

Gutters are doing their job day in, day out throughout the year. In autumn, they are catching leaves and general debris from the change of seasons. This can quickly pile up, blocking gutters and preventing them from functioning properly. 

In winter, they help provide a buffer against cold, wet and stormy weather. Rain can collect into pools along your gutters, creating the perfect breeding ground for mould and fungus while also allowing gutters to rust and rot away. 

In spring, they are shielding your home from the warmer temperatures and in summer, they provide another level of protection against the harsh summer heat. Gutters give your house constant protection from flooding and water damage, they keep your home’s foundations strong and crack-resistant and they prevent walls, windows and other exterior framework from the ravages of time and weather.

Types of gutters 

There are several types of gutters and it can depend on the age and style of home as to which one you have.

  • Some are what is called a roof integral trough which runs along the lower edge of the roof slope and is made from the roof covering and flashing materials.
  • Another type is a more hidden trough of metal, or other material that hangs beyond the roof edge and below the projected slope of the roof.
  • Then there is the wall integral structure beneath the roof edge, traditionally constructed of masonry and designed to look like a key feature of a wall.
  • Box gutters are also popular although harder to see as they tend to be a deep gutter which is often in the middle of the roof. 

Why do gutters need to be maintained?

The way gutter replacement  work is simple. They funnel water off your roof and away from your home so that the ground immediately beneath your roof stays dry and firm. The very structure of your house is dependent on the condition of your gutters.

Poorly maintained gutters that are clogged, leaking or broken can cause serious structural damage if left unattended. Over time, gutters can also pull away from their mountings, becoming dangerously loose and unable to fulfill their role of deflecting water away from your home.

Regular maintenance pays off

It’s important to keep your home’s gutters clear and uncongested, free from leaves, sticks and other debris that can cause long term damage if ignored. Ideally, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year, in autumn as leaves are falling and again in spring after the winter rains.

Rite Price Roofing has a team of experienced and qualified tradesmen who are experts when it comes to repairing or replacing your guttering as well as advising you on the best solution to ensure that your guttering is in great shape. There are many cheap and easy ways to keep your gutters in peak condition. Gutter protection devices include:

  • strainers
  • snap-in metal and plastic gutter guards
  • filtered gutter guards
  • stainless steel gutter guards
  • hinged gutter guards
  • plastic and metal total gutter covers

We can assist you with all or any of these products depending on the type of existing guttering you have. Again, if in doubt, call in the experts which will save you time and hassle.

The Fielders difference

We are proud to only use quality steel and materials from Fielders. Our access to the full Fielders guttering range, including quad, square and edge guttering means that we can guarantee a perfect finish in terms of colour and size matching with your existing gutter structure.

Great Fielders products, what a range!

Gutters are a stylish adaptable gutter and the Fielders D Gutter offers a traditional 125mm wide guttering system ideal for the home builder or renovator. D Gutter is the most widely used steel gutter profile in Australia and is also available in a similar, smaller profile known as ‘115 Quad Gutter’.

There is the High Front Quad gutter which is ideal for new builds or existing homes. The high front profile hides roof tiles and steels and is available in pre-cast mitres. With Fielders we also have the Hi-Tensile guttering which is the perfect solution for those that are looking for a guttering system that combines economy and traditional style.

The Fielders Hi-Tensile Guttering System is suitable for a wide range of projects, from new home construction through to restorations of traditional buildings.

The Fielders Halfline Gutter is half round or semi-circle in appearance but still offers the same amount of function and protection as other modern style guttering.It provides the benefits and looks of a Half Round Gutter with the added bonus of being fixed with internal brackets. It has a streamlined appearance with no external brackets and can be easily mitred plus it fits the Fielders Steel Fascia system with Easyfix mitres make corners easy to install.

The Fielders 150mm Half Round Gutter is suitable for domestic and light industrial buildings and is so easy to keep clean as very little debris are left in this gutter due to its semi-circular shape.

Fielders steel guttering is available in Zincalume or Colorbond material and is easy to install with sturdy galvanised or powdercoated external brackets and Easyfix mitres.

The Fielders O.G. Gutter System offers you a stylish continuous length gutter in a traditional profile with modern design benefits. To complement this range, Fielders offer a large selection of Fascia Gutters. These are easy to install with a long piece of guttering giving you a sharp and sleek look that works well on tiled or steel roofed homes.

There is also a fantastic range of Steel Fascia to give you maintenance free solutions for new builds or renovations to old buildings. Better still, it is a fraction of the cost of timber and far more durable especially with our sometimes extreme weather conditions.

Fascia Covering fits easily over old timber or asbestos fascia and it can last for many years with no need to re-paint and hardly any maintenance. Now that is good news! As you can see, it is this commitment to using the best possible products to clean, repair or replace your gutters that means you will always achieve long lasting results. 

When it is time to clean or mend your gutters, you will be in safe hands at Rite Price roofing. Rite Price is a household name, well known throughout South Australia for great quality and service. And with a great history behind the name, you can rest assured of quality and commitment. 

Don’t’ ignore your gutters any longer. Acting now will save you time and money later. So call us now and let us show you our extensive range. There is bound to be a gutter that is just right for you.

We look forward to hearing from you and our friendly team is ready to deliver you a fantastic result that will protect your gutters for years to come.





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